Ahhh a day off …..

So today I had booked a half day flexi leave so that I could run, I had signed up to a 50 miles in jan challenge and today was my last day…. well that’s £10 wasted!

What is actually happening today is I’m sick, all I want to do is and stay in bed but what I have done is, de ice and scrape at least half of the Antarctic off my car so I can take C to school, put washing on, make a coffee that I can’t stomach and sort the pile of clothes out that need ironing….. it’s not even 10am yet ! I also need to schedule moping / hoovering and crawling into bed in agony into this day

Challenge accepted……..

Here we go…..

Well hello there ( if there is anyone there 😂), I have started this little blog as a outlet to vent my daily frustrations, I am a single mum to C (13yo boy) and O my little rescue dog 🐶,

My daily struggles are listed below;

-33year old single mum to a teenager who is derived from actual Satan at the moment!

-works full time in a demanding role as a surveyor

-desperate to finish college ( year 2 of a two year course)

-trying to lose weight and exercise on the nights After work when I’m not exhausted or sewing school pants or some other bizarre activity … I fail constantly at sticking to my running goals 😩

-see friends, so that I can talk to real people and remind myself who I still am and that I’m not just a mum/ worker/ cleaner/ cook …. the list goes on🤦🏻‍♀️

– be a domestic goddess – absolutely fail at this unless I have a cleaning day, this is the day that even the dog hides as if it doesn’t move it gets washed, wiped, bleached or thrown out

And if reading all the above exhausts you, well that was my exact plan, I’m exhausted, bored, unfulfilled and stuck …. 😳 I also have a sarcastic sense of humour, I’m loyal and I love to read 📚💕. Cxx

‘When you are waiting for the mum to cook tea, then realise you are the mum’